Sorath (סורת)

/ The Sun Demon /

הילל בן שחר

The head of Lucifer, Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner said Sorath is the ‘Sun-demon of Revelation‘, a great evil power sorta speak, far mightier than Lucifer (הילל) or Ahriman (Aŋra Mainiiu) and he predicted that after the turn of the millennia, spiritual people would be able to see the Sun-Genius, the etheric vision of Christ. In response, Sorath will foment opposition through men who are possessed by him, who have strong natures, raving tongues, destructive fury in their emotions, and faces, which outwardly appear like those of animals.

They will mock that which is of a spiritual nature.

Whereas Lucifer and Ahriman embody the far ends of the spectrum of human morality, the Sun Demon is the negation of humanity. Lucifer encourages the tendency in human beings towards expansiveness, inflation, egotism, sensuality, passion, and ungrounded spirituality; Lucifer is the being who tells us that we are like the gods, knowing both good and evil.

Ahriman tells us:

There is no God and that material reality is the only reality.


Ahriman represents tendencies towards contraction, reduction, splitting, materialism, over-intellectualisation, lying and a denial of spiritual realities; this leads to the idea that we are physical beings only. Both of these beings also play a helpful role and are in fact indispensable for human life, as the first awakens us to our freedom, while the second helps provide us with the capacity for speech and thinking.

One describes the genius of the sun who unites himself with the earth and becomes also the genius of the earth. He has already begun to be this since the event of Golgotha (Gulgoleth, גולגולת).

But there is also an opposing principle to the Lamb, there is also a Sun-Demon, the so-called Demon of the Sun, that which works in the evil forces of man, thrusting back the force of the Lamb, and it works in such a way that a certain amount of the human race is thrust out of the evolution which leads to the sun.

Rudolf Steiner, ”The Apocalypse of St. John”, Lecture 11



Indeed, the invocation of Sorath leads the magician to feel the power of a god highlighting his highly potent nature.

Furthermore, the mystery of Sorath and his notorious number holds it’s secret:


6 6 6
chi xi stigma, DCLXVI

The power by which the Sun-Genius overcomes Sorath is the archangel Michael (מיכאל), who has the key to the abyss and the chain in his hand.

The Sun Demon’s color is black. Not a warm black, but a:

B L A C K   V O I D

(?!) אין סוף אור


His color extends into the dark violet seen the “black light” – like neon lights of adult establishments.

The Sun Demon is visible the most radical transgressions:

state-directed mass murder


sexual violation

serial killing, etc


ס ו ר ת
60 + 6 + 200 + 400

SVRT, Sorath/Sorat
The Adversary of the Lamb, The Two-Horned Beast


Sorat is also has the corresponding word in Greek and it has meant Demon of the Sun, since ancient times.

Every star has its good spirit, it’s:



…and it’s evilspirit.

The adversary of the good powers of the Sun:

Daimon (Deamon)

If Christ was always the Representative of the Sun, namely, the Intelligence of the Sun, Sorat is, then, the Adversary of Christ Jesus.

The sign for Sorath looks like this, a two-horned beast:

Two horns like a lamb and barb or sting

Rudolf Steiner speaks about it in 1924 and he predicts it very precisely, but indicates only the year. He says that ”the beast from the depths will be present in a phenomena like Adolf Hitler”— through him, with him, through what he does. Not just Hitler was permeated by these Sorat forces, but also a person like Stalin.

There are peculiar events never mentioned by most historians.

Stalin is supposed to have said:

If we are victorious, do not touch Hitler.

Bring him to me alive, my brother Adolf Hitler.


He indicated 1933 as the rise of the Beast. There followed 12 years of hellish destruction greater than ever before or since. These years were dominated by the motif of the false Sun motif. The Nazi swastika (the ancient Sun wheel symbol) allied to the rising sun of militarist Japan and to Mussolini’s would-be neo-Roman blackshirts all point to an inverse eclipsed sun of destruction. All three fascist allies sought to put a modern Ahrimanic technology at the service of a backward-looking, irrational and fantasy-ridden Luciferic ideology. The darkest of these false suns rose over and mesmerised the Germans, who live in the cultural, if not the geographical, heart of Europe, while Euro-Africa is the continental heart of the world.

In 1933, dear friends, there would be a possibility for the earth and everything living on it to perish if there did not exist also that other wise arrangement that cannot be calculated. What needs to be said in the sense meant by the apocalyptist is: Before the Etheric Christ can be comprehended by human beings in the right way, humanity must first cope with encountering the Beast who will rise up in 1933.

Rudolf Steiner, “The Book of Revelation and the Work of the Priest“, 1924


The Sun Demon is manifest in nuclear weaponry:


Eventually, the Swastika sun-symbol ended up crushed between two lands of the star:

the ahrimanic blue of the west USA 

and the luciferic red of the east –  USSR 


The culmination of horror was reached in the absolute destruction wreaked in 1945, which came to be called Year Zero and which was marked by Hitler’s infamous “Nero-order” – to destroy everything in Germany and also by the A-bombs, which in an instant turned living human beings into shadows.

Sorath’s national tools in these years, Germany, Japan, and Italy, which should and could have been Sun-lands, were led into destruction by him between the new continental superpowers of East and West.


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3 years ago

ס ו ר ת
Zelim da naucim vise o tome jeziku, gde,sta, kako,Hvala unapred

3 years ago
Reply to / Odgovor korisniku -  Ars Magine


2 years ago

Who is the most powerful being in existence?

3 months ago

Ciao io abito vicino al monte soratte, ho 20 anni ma quando ne avevo 18 ho sognato il sole nero due volte e in una era con un alone violaceo che lo circondava, emanava una potenza metafisica, astrale alla realtà di tutti i giorni. Ho visto il cielo rosso e diversi cataclismi, la natura nei sogni sembrava scatenare il chaos spazzando via le forze militari umane in un batter d’occhio. Credo di essere in contatto con Sorath e di comunicare con lui da 4 anni ormai. Vedo eventi futuri e prevedo anche cose nella realtà.. a volte ho spesso visioni simboliche o delle prove da superare, ogni tanto mi rivela cose nuove.. sul monte soratte veneravano gli antichi hirpi sorani un certo SOranu apollo, un apollo infero, sole nero, simile a saturno, apollyon, abaddon