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An IT engineer born in ’85 and currently at the beginning of my MA studies, in line with parole of constant learning and educating. Beside my professional career I am also a great admirer of painting and written word, that means I really enjoy expressing myself using paper and pen. Writing inspired by several different schools of thought, but mostly around ideas and concepts deep inside Jewish mysticism and kabbalah.

On modern Serbian art scene I’m active since 2010 with multiple series of independent and group exhibitions with my official artworks. By now I took a part in 33 exhibitions, 9 of which were independent and other 24 were group exhibitions. Second prize winner in group exhibition Zima (Winter) 2014/2015, organized by Akademija 28 in Belgrade, Serbia. As member of art club Đuro Salaj.


This form of drawing I started around the year of 2006, before that all of my works were just-on-paperi ideas, mosrtly in form of short texts or hand sketches. Then, I discovered a whole new way of I could express my ideas, written dreams and imagination forms by finishing those sketches digitaly. This type of digital form best suits me mainly because I tend to express in very sharp edges. Here I want to try to get you, as viewer, much closer to my works and shapes by examining all the details and symbols in every picture I made so far, for the first time.

Drawings are based on visual detection of mechanisms that underlie all the forms of existence and energies around us. Each picture describes the individual piece of reality through the prism of the direct participation of it’s creator as individuals who had the honor to investigate it at first hand and carrie it into lines and shapes. Each picture would follow a certain story that the viewer would be invoked into hidden worlds beyond 5 senses perception that with it’s existence directly create the material world as the last form of creation. The form of art represented here I see as modern, abstract, cubism. Probably the best way to  describe it. Each and every image is composed, basically, in a geometrical shape, generally following the principles of sacred geometry. I always start with three basics: Square, Circle, Triangle and these forms are my basic tools from which all other forms are being created. Even by scientific methods it is proven that beneath every form of energy or matter lay pure geometrical foundation. This is the form of modern cubism because of use of the various geometrical shapes and basis.




My inspiration comes from jewish mysticism and hermetic kabalah, combined with dreaming, lucid dreaming/astral projections and many other forms based on changing human perception of the world and altering consciousness in search of knowledge and being in touch with inner mechanisms, which we all have within. These mechanisms are simply beautiful and divine. Once you experience them, your perception of the world will be clearly changed and you will begin developing yourself in various different ways.

In Rabbinic Judaism, an entire body of literature collectively known as Kabbalah has been dedicated to the content eventually defined by some as occult science. The Kabbalah includes the tracts named Sefer Yetzirah, the Zohar, Pardes Rimonim, and Eitz Chaim. Although there is a popular myth that one must be a 40-year-old Jewish man, and learned in the Talmud before one is allowed to delve into Kabbalah, Chaim Vital says exactly the opposite in his introduction to Etz Chaim. There he argues that it is incumbent on everyone to learn Kabbalah—even those who are unable to understand the Talmud. Further, the father of the Lurianic School of Kabbalah, Isaac Luria (known as the Ari HaKadosh, or the “Holy Lion”), was not yet 40 years old when he passed away.